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Present function and capacities

  • Contracted by Faroese fishing companies to sell long-term and exclusively, entire productions and catches.
  • Purchasing directly from vessels
  • Selling directly to a wide range of customers
  • Sales of fresh fillets to the European Market
  • Agency for non-faroese fishing vessels

Supply base / Raw material

  • Polarstjørnan (2 pair trawlers)
  • Direct purchases from fishing vessels – Larger deep sea trawlers working Faroe grounds e.g.: F/T Phoenix (700 bt.)
  • Trawl vessels working Faroe waters operate with 6-7 day trips, giving primequality iced fish
  • Long line, gill net vessels, day boats
  • Daily access to fish auction purchasing in Faroe Islands
  • Volume: 10 000 mt. of fresh fish expected

Fish species handled

  • All ground fish species: Cod, Haddock, Saithe, Ocean Perch (Red Fish), Black Scabbard, Greenland Halibut, Ling, Cusk, Monkfish, Sole, Plaice, Flounder
  • Other species upon request – e.g. fresh salmon, fresh trout
  • All species are sold fresh and frozen as to customer’s specs
  • Generally 45 kilo iced fresh product in plastic boxes, poly boxes, or boxedaccording to customer’s requirements


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